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With dishes created by the Head Chef of KaKa All You Can Eat, Teara Lab offers amazing Japanese Fusion sandwiches at a fast and casual pace that will for sure make your mouth watering. Teara Lab wants to give our customers a bite of the real protein and veggie with Japanese ingredients where you could not get any more from fast food restaurants.

In the past year, Japanese food brands and long lineups are not unfamiliar to the citizens of Toronto. Nonetheless, Teara Lab has taken this trend to the next level by incorporating it into its menu. You will find high quality and Japanese inspired ingredients in every single sandwich and special toppings like Wasabi Mayonnaise to tie the taste together. Each sandwich comes with seasoned fries and a drink. Something special to note is that the drinks are not like your ordinary soda pops and juices.

Other than the wide variety of sandwiches, you will have to rave through your mind to pick the perfect drink. Some of the items you will see are: Matcha Slush, Mango Green Tea, and Japanese Marble Soda. Teara Lab is almost ready for Toronto to try. Get ready for another trend to pop out in the city!

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